Cherry Picking at Greenbluff

Jul 20, 2014 by

The Cherry Festival in Greenbluff was a big surprise. We were surprised at how empty it was! Between the brochures and the flyers we...

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Moose Safety

Jul 12, 2014 by

I’ve seen a moose now the last two times that I went out on our side-by-side. These are the same trails that I take my dog out for...

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Mutant Woodland Dandelions

Jul 8, 2014 by

These things never cease to amaze me. First of all, as we already know I don’t know much about grass much less other types of...

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Happy Independence Day

Jul 4, 2014 by

I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend Independence Day than here in the beautiful country complete with red barns and American...

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Pantry Room Reveal

Jun 30, 2014 by

We have a room in our basement that doesn’t count as a bedroom because it doesn’t have a window (or means of escape in case of fire)....

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Strawberry Picking at Greenblu...

Jun 24, 2014 by

I live very close to this town called Greenbluff, it’s a conglomeration of farms and they have activities every month there is some...

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