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The dining room space here allows for a large table. Coming from a condo I didn’t have a table at all, the entertainment center took priority so I settled for some barstools and the built in counter. This made it hard to host for holidays so I was determined to get a ten person table.  Now that I find that they also have twelve person dining tables, I think I shortchanged myself!

ashley furniture_table

Image and purchase from Ashley Furniture

We stayed here sporadically for eight months until the official move and wanted to have some basics here without duplicating anything we had back in CA so we bought furnishings we knew we would need anyway, including a dining table.

Shopping can be fun, but it also can be very draining – thankfully after a couple of long days our last stop had what we were looking for.  Wanting a large table limits you quite a bit, but we found this one that fit perfectly – wood so it’s easy to clean, simple in style, large seats and slightly country.  We are keeping it extended all of the time since it’s too much of a hassle to remove the leaves and I seem to damage everything. To preserve the wood finish I wanted to find an everyday tablecloth.

I was able to locate a non-plastic but waterproof tablecloth. Who knew these existed?  Spilled drinks bead up beautifully on it. I wanted a color to go with our every-day bamboo placemats that went with the table, this chocolate color was perfect. Spilled liquids (not grease though) but water and wine will bead up on the tablecloth, so very convenient!

Waterproof tablecloth


Image and purchase from

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  1. beth

    Gorgeous cloth, and I would love to be eating something at this table. Classy!

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