Septic and Water Alarms

May 2, 2015 by

Our home alarm system comes with some water sensors, we have placed a few of them underneath sinks and water heaters throughout the house.

We are so grateful that we have used these sensors as it already has saved us thousands of dollars.

Our alarm system went off and the system told us the issue was in the ‘control room’. We noticed that there was water coming up from the floor. Turns out our septic tank was backed up and flowing back into the house!! Gross right?! Thankfully, the back-up was centralized into just two areas of the house but we needed to get to the root of the problem.

We called our neighbor (who built the house) for help since he installed the septic so we could find out where the issues started from. We checked tank # 2 and # 3, there were no clogs there. Upon looking at the pipe that connects the house to tank # 1 our neighbor confirmed that the clog was between that point. We tried to use a plunger, a snake, some pipe drain cleaner. Unfortunately none of it worked and the last resort was we needed to DIG. In the dark night. Thankfully it was fall, it was not raining or snowing. Nothing would have been worse than having to deal with this in the winter and having to dig through 10 feet of snow to get to the top of the tank.

What clogged the pipe was “septic safe” bathroom wipes! Seriously, never believe what the packaging says, going through a clog is not worth it. Not just a clog but a 15 inch back-up of “septic safe” wipes. We spent the night mopping and disinfecting the control room. This alarm saved us thousands of dollars because we would not have known there was a back-up until after it leaked into the basement and flooded the carpeting requiring us to re-carpet the entire basement. The alarm saved us from the nightmare.

Most recently, the kitchen sink sensor went off. Initially we thought that the cause was the disposal being loose but when the alarm went off the second day we found that the pressure from the disposal caused an elbow pipe to open a bit and leak. The Husband went ahead and sealed the pipe. But that is now 3 times that the water sensor alarm has saved us from what could have been very costly damages. If you are a homeowner, I highly recommend you get one!

Under the water heater in the control room.

P1010982 copy

Under the washer in the laundry room.

P1010981 copy

Under the kitchen sink.

P1010979 copy

Under the basement sink.

P1010984 copy

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