Half a Cow and Half of That

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We are forever on a quest to fill up our pantry in case the zombie apocalypse occurs. We purchased a stand up freezer for the pantry. We were contemplating a chest freezer but had some good advice that it is just so hard to circulate through the items on the bottom and you can’t really see what’s down there to manage your inventory well. My Father in Law is the perfect example of this a few month ago he found a chicken that was dated 1996! The dogs were happy!

We decide to begin with a quarter of a cow last summer from a local butcher that sources their cows from local farms just a few miles away. Cost ended up about $3.50 a pound in the end. We thought this was a great deal as you can pick your cuts and they will carve it as you’d like, you can convert as much of your side into ground beef as well and they package it up in nice easy to use stamped paper. A few weeks ago upon doing a ton of research, calling different butchers in the area and learning their process we decided on a butcher that gets their cows only from a farm that starts and finishes on grass. Many farmers feed with grain. We thought that we would try the difference. Supposedly grass fed beef cooks faster, has more nutrients and is leaner than grain fed. We have learned that it surely tastes better! We’ve done some taste tests of the same cuts of beef and even though there is less fat and less marbling the flavor is so much better. Were really pleased! The packaging was also nicer than the first place, covered in plastic first then in paper sealing in the freshness. This 2nd butcher came to about $5.50 a pound, the increase in price was well worth it.

We are on a wait list for a whole pig next. We’ve had great luck with pork chops. And we’re on a first come first serve notification from a very popular butcher nearby that is supposed to be even better. Buying meat from

It’s amazing how much our freezer can fit, I think we can fit 2 whole cows in there. We purchased ours from Home Depot but its discontinued now. It prevents frost by bringing the temperature up a bit a few times during the day. And since it’s an upright, the footprint is much smaller than it would have been were it a chest freezer.

Pantry Freezer1

Pantry Freezer 2

Pantry Freezer2

Pantry Freezer3

Pantry Freezer4

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  1. beth

    That is so neat and You are so prepared, so organized and mine looks bad compared to yours….

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