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I never thought I would be ‘that girl’ that traveled with a coffee machine. But if you are like me and are used to having coffee first thing in the morning traveling in an unfamiliar area hunting for coffee shop can make you quite grumpy. More so when you are traveling for a race and need to maintain certain routines. The Husband bought me a Nespresso machine for a birthday a few years ago, it has been one of the most useful gifts I have ever received. I didn’t used to like espresso, but after putting in long hours in the office and needing to stay awake with a quick jolt I found myself going into and using my bosses Nespresso machine more often than he would. I began buying my own pods as to not use his anymore.

The Husband bought the Pixie version, brown seemed like a good color to match our kitchen.

Nespresso Pixie

My boss, an avid traveler told me he had that model (he had SIX!) and he uses his Pixie for traveling – say what?! I found that Nespresso had a carrying case for the Pixie!

Pixie Carrying Case

It cost half the price of the machine since it’s such a solid case, but oh my goodness is this a traveling life changer. It’s especially nice when you are rooming with a large group and everyone can enjoy some! Traveling with the machine does make you feel a little silly, it is about 10 pounds for the carrier and the machine so I’ve had to carry it on a few time if I didn’t have room for it in my check in luggage. It makes for some great conversation at the security line. I only bring it for trips lasting 3 nights or more. There isn’t anything nicer than being able to have some comforts of home in possibly unpleasant hotel room and being able to keep to your routine. Those who love coffee know that the first few sips in the morning just really make your day.

My sweet mom felt bad that I kept lugging my machine around, so she bought one for her house so I could use hers when I stayed over. Her machine was from Costco (naturally for my mom as she loves big box stores) and has a frother included. I was able to snag a promotion for a frother by purchasing a stupidly large number of pods. They will be used anyway so I didn’t mind at all. It makes hosting pretty fun to know that I can give people a range of coffee options. I’ve made my money back in coffee I would have purchased traveling!

Coffee Machine Set up

Stacking cups are my favorite. Cost Plus World Market has an amazing variety of super cute designs – I really need this dog set!

Dog Mugs (2)

Machine and carrier images from Nespresso.

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  1. Jenny

    Love my Nespresso and now I have so many new ideas! Off to Cost Plus for some fun new cups. Thank you for sharing.

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