Silly City Folk – Sprouted Bulbs

Apr 19, 2015 by

We wanted to get into gardening and growing our own vegetables. For Christmas my Husband’s Step-Mother bought me a gardening kit that she put together, it was so thoughtful of her!

There were a couple of boxes of bulbs that were included that I was excited to plant. Of course I wasn’t able to plant them in December because of the snow. So now that spring is here I was going to get ready to do so. Apparently I’m a little bit too late! During Easter brunch as I was enjoying my sister in law’s garden, the Step-Mother said that they probably sprouted by now, sure enough they did!

After looking at the box it said ‘fall planting’ on the side. Ugh – guess I’m about 2 seasons off then. Wish me luck, I’m going to plant them in some pots and hopefully they will continue to thrive and pop out with some color. Oops.

P1010934 copy

P1010945 copy

P1010936 copy

P1010940 copy

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