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Apr 18, 2015 by

I didn’t know how much I loved and needed a heated toilet seat until we got one. Actually for the first time in 10 years The Husband and I exchanged Christmas gifts. His presents to me were thoughtful and useful. He remembered the time I was whining that the seats are so cold that sometimes I really don’t want to use the bathroom! The trials of moving from a sunny state to one with a real winter (and girl problems), am I right?!

This seat has 3 settings: hot, hotter and hottest. And there’s a night light as well so you don’t have to blind yourself when you have to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! It does require an outlet nearby though, that is an eyesore. But in the middle of winter at 2am you really are grateful for it. We only have one (so far) in the master bathroom. I highly recommend one for everyone that lives in a snowy state. It’s like a big warm hug for your bum! Sadly I do notice when it isn’t on, it’s a cold surprise even though the other bathroom seats are not heated. Go figure.

Photos and purchase from Home Depot.

Seat Closed

Seat open

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