Bread Fails – Hearth Loaf

Apr 17, 2015 by

I have taken a break from baking bread for a few weeks now, after two hearth loaf failures I’m kind of spent. I think I will try a sweet bread or roll next but the Josey Baker Bread book is being shelved for a bit.

Hearth Fail # 1

Looked beautiful and tasted great, but I didn’t have a razor for a nice top slice, I used a paring knife and it was a bit jagged. Also I let the hearth loaf rise in a colander lined with the thinnest smoothest towel I had but I still had bumps on it removing it from the colander. The last issue was the bottom of the bread was totally burnt! I cooked it on parchment then finished it on a stone, it was too much for the loaf. I would have been pleased and moved on to the next chapter otherwise.

Hearth Loaf Fail 1

Instead, I tried again. …

Hearth Fail # 2!

I don’t know what I did wrong but the flavor was nonexistent!! I bought an exact-o-knife – still my razor skills are not very sharp (pun intended). I also bought a cheesecloth and a basket for the hearth loaf to take shape in. We were totally headed in the right direction – until the very last moment. I didn’t spray the top of the loaf or the steamer pot with any oil, during the first half of the cooking process the bread got stuck to the pan and the shape was ruined. And so was my day.

I has been WEEKS, I haven’t baked bread since! I think I will try again with a new style and a break from the book. Fingers crossed my next effort comes out better.

hearth 2 p1 copy

hearth 2 p2 copy

hearth 2 p3 copy

hearth 2 p4 copy

hearth 2 p5 copy

hearth 2 p6 copy

hearth 2 p7 copy

hearth 2 p8 copy

Saddest loaf ever.

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