Travelin’ Thursdays – Rockerfeller Center, Times Square, Sex in the City

Apr 9, 2015 by

To continue with the New York series, we got tickets to the Top of the Rock. Unfortunately the first evening of our tickets there was some snow, because of this visibility was 0% due to the cloud coverage. We were able to move our tickets to the next day and were treated to some spectacular sunset views.

I love good shows so was excited to see Rockefeller Center as I’m a big fan of “30 Rock” so seeing the location and relating it to the show was pretty neat.  We were able to catch a Broadway show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, our night’ showing was the last week of Michael C. Hall’s week long performance. And finally we participated in the Sex in the City bus tour. Our host was so hilarious, she made the tour fun. They try to hire comedians to make it worthwhile for the bus. It was a great way to see a lot of the City.

Rockerfeller Center

3.1 rockerfeller center copy

3.4 rockerfeller center copy

3.7 rockerfeller center copy

Top of the Rock at Sunset

2.3-top of the rock copy

2.20-top of the rock copy

2.21-top of the rock copy

2.30-top of the rock copy

2.35-top of the rock copy

2.40-top of the rock copy

2.49-top of the rock copy

2.6-top of the rock copy

2.0-top of the rock copy

Times Square

5.8 times square copy

5.6 times square copy

5.4 times square copy

5.2 times square copy


6.0 hedwig copy

5.5 times square copy

6.3 times square copy

Grand Central Station

2.0 grand central copy

Sex in the City Tour

1.0 SATC tour copy

1.1 SATC tour copy

1.10 SATC tour copy

1.12 SATC tour copy

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