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My dog Bear is drooly, not generally drooly but because he has droopy lips when he takes a drink of water the water will pour down from his droopy lips. It makes for a very dirty floor. To think there is spit just dripping in floods throughout the floor is just gross. I would hear him drinking from his bowl across the house and rush to the water bowl in order to catch his face in a towel to avoid the drips.

We started leaving his water bowl outside on the porch, he goes out two dozen times a day so he has ample opportunity to have a drink of water. Or when he is thirsty he will stand at the door to go outside for a drink (generally after a few minutes of dog wrestling with his brother or after a meal). With the cold weather the water bowl started freezing in the night.

The Husband found this wonderful heated, stainless steel water bowl. It doesn’t get the water hot, just enough to not freeze. There is a spiral metal protector around the cord to prevent the dogs from chewing as well and because it’s stainless steel it is incredibly easy to keep clean and is bacteria resistant.

Photo and purchase from Amazon.


Stainless Steel Water Bowl

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