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Apr 6, 2015 by

This time last year we were moving from Sunny Southern California to the Evergreen State of Washington. We have been blessed with 22 overnight visitors since we have moved here and I have gone back to CA four times for various purposes (with 3 additional visits planned just in the next couple of months), in addition to a number of other non-CA trips for work, weekend getaways or vacations. There seems to always be something keeping us busy between traveling, the dogs and construction or housework. It’s nice to always come back home to some trees and peace after fighting traffic and the grind. I love going back to CA to enjoy family, friends and FOOD! We dine in far too often here at home as everything is so far away and considering the drive the gamble of a non-quality restaurant isn’t always worth the effort.

I fell in love with this beautiful personalized canvas print from Even though we purchased our house in 2013, we didn’t make it our home until we moved here last April. Nearly the entire print is customizable.

Home Sign

The word ‘HOME’ has an image of the state as the ‘o’!

Home sign WA

I selected grey because it matches the slate in the entryway. I hung it inside above the front door and it’s a lovely reminder of how much we are enjoying it here.

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