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My lovely sister in law hosted Easter this year. I brought an appetizer and dessert. The appetizer I brought was cucumber sandwiches, I’ll share some details in another post as these are just wonderful. For dessert, I made my first attempt at a coconut cake.

I found a coconut cake recipe through allrecipes.com - they really have a wonderful site. I recommend reading through the reviews to make sure that any common improvement edits are really considered.

I opted to make a triple layer round cake. I didn’t have 3 of the same size pans so I made two 8 inch and one 9 inch and trimmed the excess. Being my first layer cake I’m not very good at this yet, my top layer was crooked as you’ll see here in a second. I didn’t use a box mix so created my own. The cake with my modifications came out incredibly dense, just a bit more spongy than a macaroon. I need to figure out what the cause of that was or if it was because I replaced vegetable oil with olive oil. I will play around with the basic cake recipe to tweak it so I can ensure that I have a regular good base to work off of for future baking.

I was able to locate some larger shreds of coconut at the natural section of the grocery store. The Husband hates chunks as it ruins the texture for him so I opted to just put the coconut on the side of the cake and not the top. As the cake had so much sugar already (5 cups!) I opted to not sweeten or toast the coconut shavings either.

I’m glad I was able to attempt this, my family has been wonderful guinea pigs. The scraps of cake make for wonderful pieces to go with my morning espresso too.

Looks great from the top, until…

coconut cake top 2

There she is, my lopsided top layer!

coconut Cake side slanted

If I angle her this way, perhaps no one will notice…

coconut Cake side

I will work on evening out my icing and layer shaving skills. You never know you need work until you cut into it.

coconut cake sliced

So dense and sweet, 1/16 of a cake is all you need.

coconut cake slice

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