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We are finally starting our composting. I bought a rotating outdoor drum and steel can for the kitchen last year but we didn’t get around to it before the weather started getting cold.  We hope to be able to use the compost for our garden that we will be starting soon.  The Husband built a balcony bucket garden since we aren’t ready for a greenhouse yet. We are still learning what you can and can’t put in the compost and the balance between brown vs green items.  Some people add worms to their compost, I don’t think I can be a mother to worms just yet.

We found this compost rotating drum set at Costco. We are supposed to keep it in the sun so that heat can eat at the materials and provide energy for the decomposition. The little orange tab is so you know which one is your live drum versus the resting drum.  It’s nice to have a closed drum so the animals aren’t able to get to it.  My father in law has a compost pile for food scraps and one for lawn clippings but the dogs would always seem to find bits and drag them elsewhere to much on, like melon rinds. This is scary because they are allergic to things such as coffee and may get into the grounds that were used in the compost.

Compost drums

We don’t have too much waste so it will take some time to build our drums up but it will be fun trying. That’s one less thing to pay for when we haul the garbage to the dump.

The stainless steel compost bucket that we purchased is by Chef’s Star , it’s pretty nice as it has a charcoal filter so the smells don’t escape. We keep it in the kitchen. (images and purchase from Amazon). Compost bucket 1 Compost bucket 2





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