Travelin’ Thursdays – New York – Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island

Apr 2, 2015 by

I visited New York for the first time ever this year and was happy to participate in all of the traditional activities. It was freezing, literally, like the coldest it had been in 80 years! I’ve got lots of photos to share but first billing of course goes to the Great Lady, the amazing Statue of Liberty, and some shots of Ellis Island.  I think of the wonder and joy from the immigrants seeing this view for the first time, I nearly teared up during the video at the museum. I’m such a sap sometimes.


Satue of Liberty 1


Satue of Liberty 2


Satue of Liberty 3


Satue of Liberty 4


Satue of Liberty view 5


Satue of Liberty view 6


Satue of Liberty view 7


Statue of libery Ellis Island 6


Statue of libery Ellis Island 7


Statue of libery Ellis Island 8


Statue of libery Ellis Island 9

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