My First Subaru

Mar 31, 2015 by

I love saying that I drive a station wagon even though I don’t have kids. Dogs don’t count in this instance. I bought my first Subaru last January because I needed an all-wheel drive to get up the gravel road in the snow. Subaru’s seem like the honorary state car. They are like the Honda Civic or Toyota Camry of California. These things are everywhere, apparently they are very easy to maintain.

Even with an all-wheel drive, I realized though that I would feel much safer if we purchased some snow tires. Not only did we get snow tires this winter, we got studded snow tires!  They came in handy for the little winter that we had. Definitely an investment but one that was worth the peace of mind. I never wanted to think ‘what if’ in the event that I ran into something on a slushy day. The Husband had to buy some special tools in order to change the tires out on his own.

I won’t lie, the car isn’t my favorite. We got a fully loaded Subaru Outback, the only color options of this model were ‘grey’ or pearl. I love a grey or silver car, but this one is nearly navy and the interior leather is poop brown. The color scheme doesn’t match at all but (I was told and have to remind myself) that you won’t see both at the same time, really.  Fine.

One of the largest pet peeves of the car though is that although there is a two driver memory, the side mirrors don’t adjust with each driver. Adjustable mirrors are half the point!  It’s also not fun always having the dirtiest car in every parking lot.  I can pull into a lot and know who lives in the country, and it’s usually me.

The one thing about Subarus though that is pretty fun, is they really try to get you to love and personalize your car. The branding is fun, they are dog friendly – there is a full line of dog accessories and commercials. I created a ‘driver’s license’ for my dog a while back, I don’t think they do this any longer but they were so adorable.

Bear License

Subaru has these nifty personalized decals too, you get to pick from a wide selection of hobbies to stick on your car.  I partially assembled my icons, they are up in my office.  I had some icons that don’t yet apply but I have some hobbies planned so they are on reserve for when we get started.

My First Subaru Icons

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