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Mar 30, 2015 by

Weekends are enjoyable as we can take long hikes with the dogs in Inland Paper Company’s land.  We ventured out and explored some trails that we hadn’t been on before. The pups enjoyed their 2 ½ hour walk.  The dogs are off leash for the most part. Colt jumps around the grass like a little goat. This will be a problem during tick season.  Bear has the nose of a hound and is always finding deer legs to bring home. We take these away from him but during walks I let him carry it for as long as he can bear.  He’s a tough little guy!

They have stomachs of steel and drink out of puddles often. We weren’t able to do this in California, Bear had giardia once from doing so.  I guess his belly has acclimated to the puddle water here in the woods though, he would do it often at my father in law’s house.

The trails sometimes bump up into someone’s private property so we have to be cautious to not go too far, we wouldn’t want to get shot as trespassers!


Bear and Colt Hiking with Dallas

Bear and Colt Hiking with Dallas

Bear and Colt Hiking

My little goat, Colt.

Colt in the woods

Bear in the woods

Amazing views.

Bear and Colt Hiking Lake 2

Bear and Colt Hiking Lake

Bear and Colt Hiking

This tree is keeping Dallas from speeding up hill on his Can Am.

Fallen tree

Happy guy!

Bear hiking deer leg

Colt trying to get a piece of the action, literally.

Bear with a deer leg

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