Let’s Break Bread Together

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Let’s break bread together, after we bake some bread together.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to learn how to make some good bread by the end of the year. Not just any kind of bread but all types, sweet, rustic, rolls, challah, braided, braided with chocolate. I told myself I needed to be patient and be ok with some losses. I need to be ok with throwing a loaf of bread away that I have spent three days fermenting. I need to be ok with making a second and third attempt at a loaf of bread in order to make small changes in the bread or the process.

My sister for New Year’s gifted me with an amazing bread book Josey Baker Bread, wow, what an amazing book. I love the conversational tone of the book and the chapters are easy to follow along. It’s like a textbook for breadmaking with each chapter getting progressively more complex. I’ve determined to not move on with the next section until I’ve felt happy with my outcomes. Needless to say I have been stuck. I’ve played around with chapter 2 for 4 loaves and chapter 3 is on a 2nd attempt! I’ll catch up on sharing these as I go.

I gave up “processed” breads (I say this lightly as I don’t mill my own flour) for the month of March, what I mean is I wasn’t allowed to eat anything store bought from a bag, or even restaurant bought. I had to make the bread myself in order to have any. With all this bread making going on, for the days that I ran out and was two days away from making a loaf, those two days were sad days!

Here is what I consider my passing attempt at Chapter # 1 – the basic white loaf. I can’t tell you how proud I was when this beauty came out of the oven (considering my first failed attempts!).


Bread Chapter 1 in pan


Bread Chapter 1 out of pan


Bread Chapter 1 right tilt


That is one sexy loaf! Look at that nicely browned crispy crust!

Bread Chapter 1 left tilt


The lighting isn’t so great in the sliced imaged but you can see the sponginess of the loaf here. The crust was amazing!

Bread Chapter 1 sliced


My failed attempts included my dough rising over the bread pan and subsequent purchasing of new bread pans! I was still learning pan sizes and dough pound equivalents with these recipes but I bought the wrong size pan initially then needed to buy a second pan in a larger size. I love these new bread pans though, they are pretty wonderful.

Bread Pan

Photo and purchase from Amazon.

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