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I’m so happy to be able to take some time to blog again. It has been far too long and I’m sure there will be a lot to catch up on! Work and travels have kept me far too busy but I’m glad to be able to find time to dedicate myself back to the site. Besides keeping my friends and family abreast of what I have been doing up here in the country it’s therapeutic and a reminder of why we moved to the country.

The biggest news since I’ve been away – we have added to our household!  In January we adopted a dog from Power of the Paw. We named him Colt. He is a pitbull, lab, mastiff mix.  We were looking to adopt a different dog but unfortunately she didn’t work out with Bear due to their similar ‘bully’ personalities, so they recommended a puppy that they thought would work with his personality and knowing what we were looking for – Colt was loving, not a troublemaker, and fairly submissive.  A dog had a litter of 11 that needed homes. Wow. Lindsey at Power of the Paw couldn’t have picked us a more perfect pup. We needed to get used to the potty training and sharp teeth, but we are getting there.  One day he # 2’d thirteen times – seriously 13 times!!

We adopted Colt when he was 8 weeks old, it took a few weeks for Bear to warm up to him considering Colt was a puppy and had not learned any manners yet.  There was a lot of growling and checking as Colt had zero boundaries trying to steal toys and food out of Bear’s mouth and stepping all over Bear (body AND face!).  During a trip out to CA we received a video from my father in law who was taking care of them, they finally had started playing together, it completely warmed my heart!  They kind of look alike too!

I don’t doubt he’ll be a fixture on this blog so we’ll save some more stories for later.


Look at that adorable face!

Puppy Colt In Bed


Colt in the snow.

Puppy Colt In Snow


Those eyes, he’s actually not very smart. =(

Puppy Colt Face


Learning to go down the stairs.

Puppy Colt Stairs


Colt makes the cutest sounds when he yawns, he’s slowly outgrowing it though and it makes us sad.

Puppy Colt Yawn


He didn’t know what a basketball was, he was barking here.

Puppy Colt Basketball


His first tennis ball! I just bought a lifetime supply at Costco.

Puppy Colt Tennis ball


Bear and Colt, morning snuggles. He’s crated at night but they go back to bed after I let him out.

Puppy Colt In Bed Snuggling


One of my favorites, when Bear and Colt first started playing together.

Puppy Colt and Bear

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