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Aug 5, 2014 by

I haven’t had my dog here for nearly a month now. I miss him terribly but life keeps getting in the way of us getting to spend time together! Between work, my sister in law’s wedding, and then my father in law and their other dog getting pink eye (seriously must be the contagious season) we haven’t had the chance to enjoy his crazy company.

On the plus side, the deer have been coming back. I was treated with this little guy one morning. I fear this is Manny with Moe and Jack having met other fates.

He was pretty close to the house, you can see here the deck railing.


deer through the deck

We have a momma and baby that frequent our yard as well. They are quite adorable to watch from afar with the fawn hopping about over the tall grass. We left them some apples that hopefully they have enjoyed. The husband tried doing some deer calls to them after finding out I’ve never heard one before, sure enough, the momma called back over the course of an evening!

I’m looking forward to my pup coming back for a visit though, I’ve got some special treats prepared for him when he visits that I definitely be sharing with you!

deer close up


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