Hummingbird Update

Aug 4, 2014 by

I wanted to purchase some additional hummingbird feeders because apparently two isn’t enough. During dusk the birds come out with their guns up and there is a lot of guarding and fighting. It would be nice to spread out their poop as well (seriously what other animal eats and poops at the same time?).

I went Home Depot and bought some new feeders thinking they were identical to the one that I already had, Birdscapes Brushed Metal Feeder, but they had a redesign. You can’t fully tell the difference from the outside, it was the assembly and jar mostly, but the flowers had a raised center compared to the old design.

This 1/16 of an inch makes a big difference for the little guys, they were hardly eating out of these feeders and their food spoiled faster than they could get it out. Thankfully Home Depot has a great return policy and we were able to get a refund.


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