Crazy Country Storms

Aug 3, 2014 by

I’ve never experienced a tornado and I hope I never do. We had such a strong thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago that it seemed like a tropical typhoon (considering the warmth and humidity).

On the way home from my sister in law’s wedding we passed by a mobile home park that was devastated by fallen trees from that storm. I can’t imagine the fear running through folks there trying to stay sheltered in the middle of it all.

Needless to say when the weather icon showed a black cloud with RED lightening, we were all concerned for another repeat. Thankfully neither were bad in our area considering what others have been experiencing especially down by the lake and in other towns.

For this second one, we had a few trees break (away from the house thankfully!) and our patio furniture got blown around a couple of times. My father in law said there were so many trees snapping in his area he thought it sounded like gunshots and the air smelled of sawdust.  Strangely enough all the wind and thunder came without any rain.

We had fun trying to figure out where one of our lawn chairs blew off to.


This tree is in the middle of one of the can-am roadways. The husband will need to spend an afternoon with a chainsaw for this one.

on the road


fallen tree 1The tree was pretty rotted so it’s no wonder why it was one of the ones that toppled.

fallen tree base 1

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