Pinot’s Palette at Arbor Crest

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I’ve had such a great time at the two painting classes that I’ve been to, that as soon as I learned that Pinot’s Palette was going to host one at the tasting room of my new favorite winery, Arbor Crest, I was so there! I dragged the husband with me for a date night too.


Luckily for us, the tasting room isn’t too far from our house. It’s on the top of a hill so the view is spectacular. I love their wine so much I’m going to cancel my wine club membership and join their club instead.

view 1

The couple we purchased our home from actually got married here. They also have summer concerts on Thursday and Sunday’s. (Need to go!)

Here is a sample of what we were supposed to be inspired by that the teachers were guiding us through.

painting comp

painting 1

Blank canvas.

painting 2

Wash out your canvas with grey. The horizon is supposed to be wet and dripping, it’s the look that I loved about this piece.

painting 3

Add some bushes in the distance.

painting 4

Add your background trees.

painting 5

Add your foreground trees.

painting 6

Bring in your color.

painting 7


painting 8

I’ve bought some floating frames and will be hanging these in my office. The grey matches my office walls so well. I can’t wait to show them in my office reveal!

painting 9




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