Weed Update – Canadian Thistles

Aug 1, 2014 by

I finally have met some photos of the most evil looking weeds on the planet!  If you recall, I didn’t quite know what a weed looked like around here.  There are so many plants that our neighbors would tell us are weeks and we think it’s just a pretty flower or a bush.

We are on the hunt on our property to kill these things – Canadian Thistles – they look harmless enough at first glance, and when blossomed may even be considered pretty.

Look closely though, these things are thorny!

bloomed thistle

They seriously belong in Ursula’s cave and there is a crazy large patch of them on our property.

thistle farm

thistle 2

And they HURT and ITCH. Their thorns are thin and sharp and can get through gardening gloves.

thistle 1

We are trekking around our property chopping off their ‘heads’ and spraying them with poison. Hopefully our efforts last through the rest of the year…

Needless to say we won’t be eating any thimbleberries from where we sprayed!

I think we got this one, they are even more evil in death.

dying thistle



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