Crazy Bird Lady

Jul 29, 2014 by

I swear I am not a crazy bird lady but for some reason these things have found me in the country in the most random of places, now they just seem everywhere.

Back in CA I bought this cute hummingbird stick for my plants when I was setting up a balcony garden.


When I got my amazing 10 person dining room table, I had a fun time shopping for placemats. Unfortunately the bamboo mats that I fell in love with, they didn’t have enough of the same style so I bought a similar color that had a bird in it so the setting seemed cohesive.


I have always wanted garden flags, I wanted to get some for every holiday and the only non-offensive one at Home Depot was this welcome flag that had a hummingbird on it.


This is in addition to the hummingbird feeders that I have and the dozens of hummingbirds that make our property their home.

Funny how all of these birds have found their way to me! But no, really, I’m not a crazy bird lady.




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