Mozart at the Park

Jul 28, 2014 by

A couple of weeks ago there was an annual Mozart concert at the park. I love going to the symphony so I really wanted to attend this event. The director is a word renowned cellist as well, and I do love the cello. I was supposed to meet up with my future cello teacher there too. Unfortunately I was pretty lost not knowing which side of the huge 90 acre park the concert was and parking was a mess of course so I was 20 minutes late. Thankfully the concert at the park was held in an area with a roped off section but there were plenty of people behind the rope not paying their $10 for a ticket but enjoying the music from afar. I was able to set up my chair behind the ropes and not trample on anyone that was already relaxing. I guess I can consider the my ticket purchase as a part of the donation.

I did have a great view at the end of the day, it would have been even more perfect were a guy not mowing his lawn right across the street though!


Classical guitar + cello, amazing combination!

mozart at the park 1

Featured soprano.

mozart at the park 2 copy


mozart at the park 3

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