Cherry Picking at Greenbluff

Jul 20, 2014 by

The Cherry Festival in Greenbluff was a big surprise. We were surprised at how empty it was! Between the brochures and the flyers we were expecting quite a crowd for a Saturday but there were very few folks at the farms. Perhaps it was the extreme heat. I went with a visiting friend who is pregnant so we went into a farm that we noticed didn’t have any ladders but an abundance of cherries! What a fun fruit to pick. There were five different types of cherries to choose from and you only pay for what you don’t eat from the trees.

Apparently dried cherries off the trees are a really tasty treat! We were able to pick from Bing, Lambert, Van, Pie and Rainier (but those were not yet ripe). It was great to taste all of the different varieties.

There was a jar at the register full of cherry pits and if you guess the number of pits in the jar you got your cherries for free. My guess was the closest they had ever had, I thought the woman at the register was joking with the look on her face, but I literally was 7 pits off of the actual number – outstanding! They were lucky though because we didn’t get too many, only $3 worth.

Thursday was the Cherry Trot, I’m glad I didn’t sign up for it because I would have backed out of it, the fires in the state brought in quite a bit of smoke and we’ve been avoiding going outside as much as possible.

Cherry festival marks the opening weekend for a lot of farms.


cherries today

Van cherries.


Bing cherries.


cherry trees

Yummy sun dried cherries, so sweet, so good!

DRIED Cherries

Lambert cherries.


Rainier cherries, these weren’t ripe yet so we weren’t able to pick any. And pie cherries off the tree were horribly sour – guess that’s what sugar is for!


rainier 2

Look how fruitful this tiny tree is!

tiny tree

Small bucket o’ cherries.


Our $3 worth of free cherries!


Hansen’s farms – they are so nice! Highly recommended!


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