Pinot’s Palette

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Have I mentioned how much I love being a tourist? A dear friend of mine came to visit from LA and one of the activities we did was a painting class, Pinot’s Palette. What a fun class! I’ve done this type of painting class one before – Painting and Vino – in California so I knew that we were in for a treat.

I am not good at this at all, I way overthink everything but it really is just a good time to be had. Such a good time in fact, I just signed me and my husband up for another class – this next one being at the Arbor Crest winery and I’m hoping that the painting that we complete is nice enough to hang up in our newly completed guest bath (fingers crossed!). Here’s the progression of the Birch tree that we painted. Pretty fitting actually because I just bought a birch tapestry to use in the guest room!


Here is a sample of what we were supposed to try to make, and the instructor’s canvas as they taught.

1 - Pinot's Palette

Start with a blank canvas – and a glass of wine, of course!


For the birch tree, your base will be an ombre of some sort.


Add your trees and dark green leaves.


Mustard yellow leaves throughout and on the ground…


Rust colored leaves in clusters for depth.


Bright yellow leaves everywhere (and another glass of wine…)


Add your birch trees.


Shadow your trees.


Add your bark and some tree knots that don’t look like nipples and you’re done – 3 hours later!

This clearly won’t be going anywhere on display at home for visitors to run into, and a laughable attempt at painting without numbers, but a good time nonetheless!


They even sell frames for your artwork!



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