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I was on the hunt for activities and events to do while I was hosting family for a few days. There are so many outdoor activities for those who are able but I needed to fill in with some cultural excursions as we had company of mixed energy levels. I’m still learning my way around here but I’m figuring it out even more so thanks to the help of the folks at Savor Spokane. They are the # 1 rated activity provider on Trip Advisor so they had to be good, right?

I signed up for both a Wine Tour and a Food Tour between a couple of days. Our guides were amazing! They were so friendly and easy to talk to that we ended up going over our estimated times for both tours which was surprising as our little group were the only tourists they had for those days! We learned so much about the history of the town and got to sample some great wines and restaurants that I would never have thought to or known to visit otherwise! I went home with 11 bottles of wine and a list of new favorite places to eat.

Who knew that Spokane had a cork district?! Washington wines thus far have been better than any wines I have had in Temecula and Los Olivos in California, wow. I need to plan a trip to Walla Walla next to see what that is about.

For the wine tour, we visited 3 tasting rooms, sampling 5 wines each location as well as stopping by a charcuterie. First Friday art exhibits were up in some locations so we were lucky to see the local talent being showcased.

One of our stops was the Arbor Crest tasting room in the mall. My new favorite winery!

wine 3

wine 1

Nectar Tasting Room offers tastings from multiple wineries.

wine copy copy

Charcuterie plate from Sante. Loved it so much we went back for dinner!


For the food tour, we visited six different restaurants around town and had a sample of one of their most popular dishes at each place. We’ve since been to three of the places since!

I’ve always wanted to stop by this cute little place!

food 1

So we did and enjoyed some delightful Macaroons!

food 2

We stopped at Soulful Soups and Spirits. They make the most AMAZING beer bread!  Soups by day and Spirits by night. They even host trivia!

food 3

Steelhead Bar and Grille

food 4

The smoked steelhead appetizers were my favorite of the night!

food 5

Decor at O’Doherty’s Irish Pub and Grill. Years and years of people singing to ‘earn’ their dollar’s spot on the wall.

food 6

Bills are everywhere!

food 7

They say this is the 2nd best Reuben in Spokane. It was the best I’d ever had! I even ate my pickle!

food 8

The Steam Plant Grill – we had just eaten here the night before as a family. The interior is amazing, it was a former working plant converted to a restaurant. Great place for a large group. You can even enter one of the smokestacks!

food 9

Cheese and beer soup with popcorn, huckleberry beer and awesome cheese bread (not pictured).

food 10

Fire Artisan Pizza – I now crave this Thai pizza daily!

food 11

food 12


We learned the history of the Davenport hotel. What an amazing ballroom!
davenport copy

The most famous celebrity from Spokane, Bing Crosby.


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