Cooking – Eggs in Toast

Jul 14, 2014 by

What a fun way to have your eggs and toast! I wish I had learned about this cooking method before. It makes breakfast just that much more fun, especially for kids I’m sure.

Take a piece of toast and cut some holes using a biscuit cutter.


Butter up your bread on both sides.

Grill one side of the bread in a pan. Even with the butter I still like to spray with non-stick spray so the egg doesn’t stick.


Crack an egg into your holes. Keep your temperature on medium-low if you want your eggs cooked through and your toast not burnt, since the egg is literally in your bread. I add more non-stick spray to the top of the egg.


Flip carefully!

At this point you can add some cheese and season your toast.



You can dip your rounds in your yolk too, yummy!


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