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Jul 13, 2014 by

I love buying artwork for the house! It’s a sickness. I didn’t quite fall in love with this piece immediately, it was my first time at Mel’s, such an awesome store, the store rocks so much that you feel like you just HAVE to buy something from there. The owner curates the most wonderful, whimsical items. I noticed this piece but didn’t think much of it. Much like the country of Ireland, which isn’t an in-your-face beautiful place, the beauty I found in this piece was a creeping beauty. I thought it would be a perfect addition to our red walled entryway.

Since I don’t have a red barn (yet) this image will have to do since a barn is quintessential country living. And it’s the first piece of art that was bought and meant for our new place. I couldn’t stop thinking about it after going home and just knew that if I couldn’t get it out of my mind then I just had to have it or would live with regrets (first world problems). I called them 2 days later and put it on hold. After coming in to purchase it, they immediately asked how big my car was. Apparently this piece is 5 x 5 feet!! That’s bigger than a window! I wasn’t able to get it home for over 3 weeks due to rains and needing to bring our trailer to pick it up. What a stressful ride home worried that some gravel would pop up and ruin the canvas! After bringing it home we were still not able to put it up for a few more weeks since the house was being worked on so much.

My husband was quite underwhelmed upon picking it up and didn’t quite see what I saw in it, but after hanging it up (level as level can be!), he ended up liking it quite a bit for that space.

Here it is – my first red barn in my country house. It was meant for this spot and I love it to pieces.

Red barn

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