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This is a really gross subject, but something that I’d really like to address for those who may be suffering the same issues.

I found out about eyelash mites just a couple of years ago – about 6 years too late. Eyelash mites are normal, most everyone has them and it doesn’t cause any issues. People can get them from anything but generally eggs are carried through dust that lands on your face and there you go, you have mites.
Flashback to June of 2006. I was on a plane headed to Alaska after graduating from grad school. I get a sharp pain in my eye. I now realize it was something coming through the vents in the plane. For days I have eye irritation to the point where I need to visit a store while traveling to purchase an eye wash. By the time I got home, I ended up with a rash around my eye lashes that would not go away – for YEARS –off and on for 8 years.

After visiting the doctor, a homeopathic therapist, estheticians no one could tell me what my problem was. They all attributed it to some type of allergy to make-up, detergent, whatever. I was prescribed a steroid cream and the rash would go away when I would use it but come back when I would stop. As this steroid cream is not meant to be near your eyes, it could cause blindness, I really didn’t want to use it anymore. I was told to wash my eye with some baby shampoo nightly, that should help – it didn’t. I’ve looked up eyelash dermatitis and tried an occuscrub. Certain things like mascara or air would trigger a flare up.

I thought I had an allergy then to my contact lenses. I proceeded to get Lasik treatment. I had been a glasses wearer since I was 10 year old and always thought about Lasik but with the rash I really thought it would be best. Sure enough, after the Lasik and no more contacts, and the rash still would not go away.! And only one eye! With all of the puffiness coming and going I now have undereye wrinkles under one eye, the problem was only one! And I don’t care if you don’t notice them because I do…

I finally learned about eyelash mites and realize those little buggers have been my problem all along! I had all of the symptoms, I won’t list them all here, you can look them up psych yourself out and lose some sleep over it on your own. GROSS RIGHT?!?

Needless to say I’ve been trying to find some treatments and aside from one recommendation to stop eating flour and making your body be so tasty to these little guys, or visiting a doctor that will remove them one at time manually over the course of a few treatments, I found a site that recommended tea tree oil. Now apparently tea tree oil will also make you blind, so you have to be very careful. But, I’ve found something that may work! I have blended a few drops of tea tree oil into some baby shampoo and will cleanse with a little bit of it gently with washcloth (a light exfoliation to get under the lashes) and during a shower (so it’ll rinse off well and I won’t get blind!). Thereafter I will wash with my facial wash to rid of it all thoroughly (I hope). I’ve been doing this now the last two months and I think my colony has decreased quite a bit as my eye has not been irritated for a great length of time.

My fingers are crossed that this trend keeps up and I will be sure to post an update!

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