Mutant Woodland Dandelions

Jul 8, 2014 by

These things never cease to amaze me. First of all, as we already know I don’t know much about grass much less other types of greenery, plants, bushes or whatever. I had no idea that yellow dandelions turned into the fun puffy things that you blow as kids – even though we always called them both dandelions my thick head never really made the connection. Some days, right?…

Anyway, coming to WA I came face to face with these ginormous beauties. These are the biggest, puffiest dandelions I have ever seen in my life. They make me smile each time I see them because I just cannot get over their size. I don’t dare pluck or touch one, they are sacred (or I am scared, I haven’t decided which yet).

Also, I can’t seem to wrap my head around what are weeds when you live in the woods. Our neighbor is sharing his plant poison with us but if something just grows here naturally isn’t that just a plant in the woods at the end of the day, a plant that you happen to just hate because they are annoying the plants that you like (or that someone said you should like)? Apparently we have sections of our property that are full of weeds. I can’t tell the difference, yet, it’s all just gorgeous greenery to me.




dandelion3 copy

How big you ask? Well, here’s the top of my road bike water bottle.


Here is a video on the phases of a dandelion. Surprisingly, I have never noticed giant yellow flowers.

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