Hummingbird Update

Jul 2, 2014 by

I’m trying to think of the best way to describe this…the hummingbirds that are now used to coming over for their meals – I’ll just describe my experience with them because as Cesar Millan says you can’t instill human traits on animals – so here we go, my experience is downright bonkers. Just nutty. Watching these birds is a trip. It never gets old. It’s like my dog is back at doggie daycare interacting. But these aren’t dogs they are birds, wild birds, MEAN BIRDS!

They fight! The aggressive ones will swoop and knock other birds out of the perch, they squeak, they dance, they fight! They are possessive. At times, one bird will distract the mean bird(s) so their other bird friends can eat. They poop and eat at the same time. I’ve seen up to 7 birds at a time trying to crowd around the two feeders – I guess birds love my cooking too ;-) What a soap opera.

At the end of the day they are lucky they are cute because as my husband said if we thought they were the roaches or beetles of the bird family we really wouldn’t be so open to feeding them.

I’d like to explore using a different type of sugar though. I’m concerned that this refined sugar will give them bird diabetes. Also, do they carry bird flu? Because I’m washing their feeders in my kitchen sink…  These little guys eat a lot and are getting lazy and not finding other sources of food. I’m going to need to start a hummingbird sugar budget with how often I have to cook for them!


hummingbird copy

hummingbird copy5

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