Cooking – French Toast with Blueberry Puree

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As I promised…Since I’ve been posting about pancakes way too much, here is a post about french toast!

You’d think this would be a ‘duh’ type post – like how to boil an egg (seriously can I tell you that I still can’t get it right?)… I first had French Bread French Toast 11 years ago, it was something to remember. My fiancée (at the time) went to Idaho so I could meet his family before we got married. He had raved at how his dad was an amazing cook and he spoiled us with French toast every day, philly cheesesteaks and chicken fried steaks. This was before I cooked anything so it was all so amazing. Every time we would come back to visit, he would make me this French toast. I loved it! And now I make it for my guests.

It’s so easy, I feel rather silly that I never did it before!

Slice some French bread


Beat some eggs, adding vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg


Dip and cook a few minutes each side until browned.

toast with sugar

I love making this blueberry puree, it adds so much to the home cooking you wouldn’t expect anything less from a restaurant, so when you do receive it you really realize how much they skimp out when it’s SO easy!

Grab a bunch of blueberries


Mash them up in a pan


Heat it up, add a dash of sugar and some fresh citrus rind and juice (I use whatever I have on hand orange or lemon)!


Reduce it down, that’s it! Top off with some maple syrup and powdered sugar – great for entertaining!

french toast

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