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We have a room in our basement that doesn’t count as a bedroom because it doesn’t have a window (or means of escape in case of fire). It was previously used as a kids play room and we thought it would be the perfect place to create a pantry since it was much cooler down there. It’s important to have stock in the country, it’s not easy to go out for pizza or travel when there is lots of snow. And, if we ever get into canning, we’ll need a place for storage!

We had a lot of work to do because the chalkboard wall needed to be painted over and the green just didn’t quite suit our tastes. Upon getting a quote for the shelving we found they could be as expensive or as cheap as you can go – it caused quite a sticker shock so my husband decided to take this on as his first real woodworking project.

Needless to say, it was a challenge but a definite learning experience, with each shelf built slightly better than the next. The cost of the pantry really should be calculated based on the experience earned ;-). It was a long project considering the lack of free time but, with this experience and the TOOLS that were purchased for this project (ahem) he now has the confidence to begin new projects such as: built in shelving for the offices, library and bedroom!

Projects of a homeowner is never-ending!




PAINTED – Apparently I really love this color, over time I have found that I’ve been gravitating to this and grey more and more!  Note the door to the water shut off valve!  We needed to apply some drywall, patch and sand. This was a project for first timer’s!


During construction, my husband realized having a saw on one end and a trash can on the other just wouldn’t do. So he built himself a sawhorse!




during 1





Now off to fill it with “STUFF”!

Remember all our CA friends and family, when $h*& hits the fan down there, we’ll be set up for ya!

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