Cooking – Strawberry, Chantilly, Lemon Curd Crepes

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The Coeur D’Alene farmer’s market has a crepe truck as one of their vendors. When touring with my family we got a couple of crepes from there. Their strawberry, Chantilly, lemon curd crepe was beyond amazing, I had to try to replicate it at home.

I found three separate recipes for each of the items – it was not an easy dessert to make with all of the components but so very worth every minute when you are ready to indulge.

Lemon Curd – Recipe courtesy of All Recipes

This was my first attempt at lemon curd, I was very glad that I didn’t make scrambled eggs my first pass, make sure you temper the eggs well before adding to the hot mix.


lemon curd raw

After it’s ready – chill in the refrigerator.

lemon curd done

Chantilly –

Just a fancy name for whipped cream, I make this often so this was easy:
1C heavy whipping cream, 1/2 tsp vanilla, 1TB sugar – whip until desired texture. Sometimes I add more sugar if I think it needs it.

chantilly raw

I used an organic heavy whipping cream making the end result very yellow after the vanilla was blended.


Crepes – Recipe courtesy of All Recipes
I don’t know how my batter had lumps so my first crepe from the batter was discarded. I saved it by running it through a strainer. Next time, these will go in the blender.

crepe raw

crepe pan
Strawberries – just slice ‘em!
Fresh from our u-pick them event!


Perfection! This is a dessert worthy of entertaining!

Crepe copy

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