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I had never seen a tick before last week. Of course I’ve heard about them – fleas and ticks are apparently best friends since all of the medicines and commercials always discuss them in the same breath.

There was a bug in the inside tongue of my trail running shoe, thank goodness for the ugly neon yellow color of the shoe I was able to quickly spot it. When I tried to flick the twerp out, it clawed deeper into my shoe! The little bugger was a pain to get out and I realized, hey, this is a tick! The interwebs verified my suspicion. Later on that day, I saw another tick in my dog’s water bowl! The joys of living in the woods right?

My dog has been living here for 2 years with my FIL and I’ve never bothered giving him any flea or tick medicine (knock on wood). He HAD been lucky so far.

The next evening I noticed a spot on Bear’s ear – sure enough it was a tick. It hadn’t burrowed yet thankfully. We weren’t so lucky the night after, I was indulging Bear with his nighttime scratches and noticed something hard on his ear. I thought it was a scab but he flinched. Sure enough it was a tick that tried to make himself at home.

That’s what happens when your dog runs around in the woods hopping around 3 feet tall grass like he’s a deer. Hitchhikers try to latch on to you.

We pulled the nasty tick out carefully with a pair of tweezers. And I immediately purchased a flea and tick collar – I opted for a collar because I hear the oil is just gross to deal with.

I’ll be receiving it on Monday and will definitely look forward to seeing how successful this collar is.


flea and tick collar

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