Cooking – Roasted Lamb Sandwiches with Tzatziki Sauce

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I don’t know very many folks that will actually roast meat just for sandwiches, but considering how much you pay per pound at the market home roasting is definitely the more cost effective option. You also know what you are putting in your food (or not putting in your food, ahem caramel coloring!).

I wanted to make a lamb roast for Easter but that didn’t work out after my kitchen accident. But I wanted to roast a lamb to practice before trying to entertain with one. After practicing and developing the most perfect lamb sandwiches this has now been an awesome staple at our house.

The special ingredient to the sandwich is homemade tzatziki sauce. I could drown my sandwich in this sauce and it would be the best lunch ever. You can also play around with your breads to see which type is your favorite and holds up the most filling.




I bought this 4 lb boneless lamb leg from Costco.

lamb 1

Simple seasoning of: Garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper.

lamb 2

lamb 3

Poke holes in the lamb to get some seasoning inside, also try to squeeze into the center of the meat.  Cover the lamb with your spices.

lamb 4

Bake according to the package instructions. I like to cook my lamb to rare because I quickly pan warm up the lamb when making the sandwich, cooking it rare or med-rare will keep it from getting rubbery or overcooked when you prepare your sandwiches.

Look at this beauty!

lamb 5




Ingredients: Plain yogurt, cucumber, lemon, dill, salt, pepper.

sauce 1

All my seasoning and lemon is added to taste!

sauce 2.5

Peel and grate your cucumber.

sauce 2

Dry the grated cucumber on paper towels before mixing to avoid your sauce being too watery.

sauce 3

Blend carefully as to not break the cucumber.

sauce 4

Beautiful!  Chill before adding to your sandwiches.

Sauce 5

Prep your sandwich fixings! I have a new found love for red onions these days!

sand 1

Grill your bread, be generous with your sauce and enjoy!

sand 2

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