Strawberry Picking at Greenbluff

Jun 24, 2014 by

I live very close to this town called Greenbluff, it’s a conglomeration of farms and they have activities every month there is some fruit in season. Next week is the Strawberry festival, in July a Cherry festival complete with Cherry trot and pit spot contest! Thereafter a Peach festival then a fall harvest with pumpkins and corn mazes.

As I have guests in town we went to the early opening of the u-pick strawberries at Siemer’s farm and visited some other spots for cider tasting, caramels, ice cream and had some great lunch at the Harvest House. I look forward to coming back when the lavender is in bloom and when the bands and festivities are in full swing!


Greenbluff Welcome Sign


Oh no! Which way do we go?!



Found it! Strawberry picking at Siemer’s.


Get to the fields by tractor!


Seeing kids with red faces from eating while picking i just adorable!


strawberry fields

They call them “straw” berries for a reason!  They grown on straw!

strawberry fields2

Enough to make amazing custard pies!  Thank you sister!


Twilight Cider Works

twilight cider


The Harvest House

harvest house

Love their country patio!  Hanging plants galore, they are for sale too!

harvest house 2

They have bees inside!



I love container gardens. Very adorable patio at Ellie’s Candy Shoppe.


Ellies view


The fire station here is bigger than the fire station in my area!

fire station


Mrs. Kalin’s Bar – I bought more than I should have at her shop on the hill!

mrs kalins barn

mrs kalins barn2 copy

I look forward to visiting again for the festivals!



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