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Jun 20, 2014 by

One of the best things about our place is our deck. (At least I thought so until I saw the view that our two next door neighbors have but thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s lawn!)

The deck is large, it runs the length of the house and is elevated opening into the kitchen / living area. I’ve been on the hunt for some patio furniture and I know how important it is to get something durable and comfortable– and in my case, reasonably priced! I had a vision for this space… if you build it they will come…and by they, I mean everyone, this house is designed for entertaining (just wait until the game room is ready)!

Thank goodness for Home Depot. After testing some sets we decided on a brand and style. I didn’t want to order it until we moved here, but wanted it in time for our first set of visitors mid-month. Of course, the moment I decided to place my order, after months of knowing precisely what I was looking for, the pieces that I was looking for was backordered until weeks after our guests were expected to leave! I was beyond devastated (first world problems). I needed two service representatives to even validate that time frame for me for me to believe it.

My rational half reminded me the importance of not settling for something you weren’t 100% on. Well, his advice and my patience (which is generally lacking but I had some in this instance) paid off. I had on my agenda to check the website DAILY for the inventory to come back on the market. Sure enough 2 days later, they had it available for immediate delivery!

I wanted a color that wasn’t going to compete with the natural beauty of the view. There’s something so soothing about blue, and this blue and brown peacock blend really works with the trees. This line even has a swivel rocking chair which is really comfortable.

The hammock also seats two people and fits up to 400 pounds. We ended up getting a stand for it thereafter since the screws weren’t able to be placed far enough apart.

All in all, I’m so happy with how the space turned out!




patio 5

patio 4

patio 2 copy


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