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I will say my favorite saying again – I’m not very fast, I just like to be out there.

Being out there a lot though means that you have to make sure you’re safe and comfortable. Here are a few of the running products that I just love. I’m not a ‘gadget geek’ but so happy these (now essentials) have found me.


Gymboss interval timer with beeping and vibrating function.

As a run-walker this interval timer has been a game changer. I held onto it for over a year and through a couple half marathons before I started using it. I wish that I began training with this sooner!  I’m able to maintain my pace, take walk breaks as needed and I PR’d my last run. I’m so happy with this I bought it for two other people.



The thought of drinking sports drinks just grosses me out. During a really hot half marathon event I over hydrated and became sick. I walked the last four miles and was a mess the rest of the day. Lesson learned, I needed to balance out my salts and take in some electrolytes. After copious amounts of research I decided on Nunn and it has been an amazing boost to my hydration and performance.


Brooks Visor

I’ve heard that baseball caps make you lose your hair so I want to ensure breathability coming from the top. This adjustable quick dry visor has never failed me.

brooks visor

RoadRunner Sports Headband

I hate cold ears! On chilly days this fleece headband that also covers your ears keep me out longer than if I didn’t have it at all. Being cold when you are trying to work out is just miserable and knowing that I am committed to train in the snow for a hot marathon event I will need to ensure I have the right gear!

ear warmer copy


I am a sucker for expos. I found the FlipBelt booth at an expo and was so intrigued by the design of this belt. I didn’t want a belt that had zippers, velcro or snaps. This flip belt is not only reflective it can store so much and stretches!  You do sweat through it though so if you keep dollars you’ll want to dry them out before you pay for anything after a run (sorry Burrito King).


I’m sure I’ll evolve to different types of gear but for now this essentials list has been keeping me pretty happy!

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