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YES!  Another pancake post!  Next time I’ll write about french toast, promise.

We love pancakes in our house, well actually the husband loves pancakes. We found this amazing pancake mix at Costco, they are protein cakes and all you need is milk and an egg, or just water. These are the easiest, fluffiest, tastiest, HEALTHIEST pancake mix that we have been able to find. The ingredient list is reasonable without any added artificial flavorings or colors that for some reason appear in other pancake mixes and have an amazing amount of protein. We stock up in our pantry and are wonderful for those mornings that you don’t want to or have time to put in as much effort into breakfast but still want something hearty and nutritious (except for the syrup of course).

We’ve tried their brownies as well, but unfortunately I can’t recommend those, they are pretty dry.


Definitely a recognizable box!

kodiak cakes

Just a few simple ingredients!  Batter, milk (or just water) –

add milk

Add an optional egg for added protein.

add egg

Obsessed with blueberries, add them before flipping – try with bananas, strawberries or anything else!

with blueberries

Flip! I’ll be honest about half of my pancakes are almost burnt when they are flipped! I let the butter get too hot but this batch was nicely golden.


Top with powdered sugar and syrup and you are good to go!

finished cake

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