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Jun 9, 2014 by

Washington is SO efficient, compared to California that is. I know there is a drastic difference in population (Spokane County has less thank 500k whereas Orange County has over 3 million). But apparently there are just enough resources available to accommodate everyone and their needs. If this is the sign of things to come I am really going to enjoy it here.

Let’s just list a few of the things that I have encountered so far:

LICENSING & RESIDENCEY – In Washington the wait at the DMV to change our license was NEGATIVE 45 seconds. That’s right, NEGATIVE. They called our numbers at the help stations while we were still finalizing our check in process. If you have any experience of this in California, you either stand-by wait for 2 hours, or you can make an appointment 2-3 weeks in advance and still have to wait 30 minutes after your designated appointment time. Needless to say with this number of people to help, the DMV employees in California are known to be grouchy (all the time, it’s a common comedian punchline). We also received our new licenses in the mail in FOUR days.

REGISTRATION – When my husband went to change his registration, his new license plates were handed to him ON THE SPOT. Now, in California’s defense I have no idea if that is customary for them either or if your plates are provided in the mail. But we are trained to not expect such type of service so in this case our ignorance came as an unexpected pleasant surprise.

ANIMAL LICENSE – I submitted licensing for my pup online and the they said I would receive his new license within 10 days. They were right I received it in 7 days!

The quality of the customer service thus far and turnaround times have just been amazing. Whenever I go to the market I regularly have 5 employees saying hello and asking me if I need help (at different types of markets).

My one gripe at this time is the residents of WA has a ridiculous spirit tax of 20.5% after residents voted in some new legislation – it’s the highest in the nation. Too much to go into on this blog, but in the end many folks went out of business as their old shops were found to be non-conforming to the new laws and now many residents of bordering states leave Washington to purchase their liquor. So, CA you win there. But, with the extra points WA gets for not having state income tax I think WA is in the lead right now.

I will see over time how these tallies progress!



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