Silly City Folk – Your Grass is Dead

Jun 6, 2014 by

Having come from condo life and not having a yard to call our own we are very green (unintended pun) in trying to figure out what to do with lawns and yard work. Needless to say when I decide to build a garden it will be an adventure in itself, thank goodness I’m giving myself a year to plan that.

We noticed that the grass was dying a bit so fertilized based on our neighbor’s recommendation on getting some bags of 16 x 2 and 10 / 20’s minus three plus five equals negative square of minus 120 … Whatever the fertilizer type he recommended we bought, two types of fertilizer for the start and end of spring (or something), really I thought I was paying attention.

A week after the first pass of fertilizer the yard still looked dead. Apparently it still LOOKS dead, because it IS dead – you are supposed to RAKE OUT the dead grass, duh. Really so simple and basic but definitely an unknown for those who don’t know what they are doing! After a snowy winter to leave a bunch of dead grass is just a big NO if you are trying to maintain a nice lawn.  The brother of the last owner is a landscaper so we can’t fail our neighbors who are their parents as they will see our lawn daily (did you follow me?).

4 hours later, 1/3 of the way through and I am exhausted. Yep, I was raking by hand…little me. Apparently they sell these machines that can do them for you – power rakes – how very intuitive. Anyway, 10 minutes into my husband raking by hand the next day and he’s off to Home Depot to rent a machine (thanks buddy!). Renting a machine is treacherous in itself as people have taken out their back windows with the handles sliding about the trunk of the car. (Note: reason # 435 to buy a truck if you are in the country). It all worked out in the end – three passes with a 24 hour power rake rental and the trials of a rental transport and we are now the proud owners of an ELECTRIC power rake / dethatcher. You know, to match our ELECTRIC battery powered lawn mower that our neighbors are really kind not to laugh at us about. Luckily for us Home Depot aired a commercial for an electric lawn mower the week they found out we bought one therefore validating our Silly City Folk purchase.  Because what type of true country folk would ever choose to buy electric over gas powered anything…


Looking up to see what is left when you are raking by hand kind of sucks…

grass 1

Raking reminds me of brushing my dog’s hair. Both are horrible chores but if you meditate enough on it it ends up pretty relaxing – you know, wax on wax off…

grass 2 copy

Greenworks Dethatcher.


Battery powered lawnmower.

battery mower

Battery powered lawnmower in ACTION!




Greenworks – our electric mower and dethatcher brand – they had great reviews on Amazon.


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