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Does wine count was a product? Let me think about it? I think so, really I do. It’s a product and food and drink all in one! I wasn’t much of a drinker when I was younger, I actually really hated alcohol. But finding a wine I enjoyed and evolved with was marked by some really memorable moments. The first time I found a wine that I liked was when I went wine tasting during an excursion while on a trip to New Zealand 6 years ago, considering my age now, I’m a pretty late bloomer.

We tasted a variety of reds and whites. Being new of course my palate was not accustomed to anything oaky or bitter. I gravitated toward the sweet wines and found that I really enjoyed Riesling. Following that, I wouldn’t really attempt to have any wine at a restaurant unless they had Riesling on their menu, I just wouldn’t know what to order! I came home with one bottle that we were saving for a special occasion, and actually saved it until it went bad! Apparently some wines are meant to drink immediately.

I began enjoying wine on a more regular basis following my husband’s motorcycle accident. For better or for worse…I have a hard time being a caretaker. If I don’t have the genes to be a parent, filled with love and sympathy, I guess being a caretaker is another tough one to follow through on. Following a long night at the hospital I *needed* some wine.

I began drinking some reds a bit more often after celebrating a friend’s birthday at a wine bar in San Diego. It was an adorable place decorated like alice in wonderland! We shared a bottle of Syrah and my worlds opened up. Our new place came with a wine butler, I’m a member of a wine club and we stock up at Total Wine and Costco. I just think it’s so amazing how your palate changes over time – although I think it will be a long time before I like olives and pickles – bleh.

Here are some photos of my first wine tasting trip in New Zealand.


Chard Farm Tasting Room.tasting room


Funny rules!chard farms

Funny Statue



Early Winter Vineyard.

winter vineyards

This barrel looks like a torture machine.barrel 3

Barrels in the ground. This is the floor of one of the wineries restaurants.


Barrels aging.barrels2

Modern tasting room.modern vineyard

Vineyard by the river.river and vineyard


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