U-Haul U-Box Moving Company Review

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As I have mentioned, we just moved here officially almost 2 months ago having been traveling back and forth between homes now since last summer. We researched a bit on what moving company to use and ended up deciding on U-Haul. They do more than just rentals, they also offer moving services using their U-Box Pods which is what we opted for.

After deciding that we needed some ‘moving helpers’ at both ends of our move, we were in touch with them to let them know what ‘stuff’ we had. Lesson # 1 – don’t trust a company to give you moving advice if they aren’t coming onsite to review your belongings for a proper quote. The U-Haul website is pretty unreasonable in that they recommend that an apartment up to 2 bedrooms would take 2 U-boxes. We had a 2 bedroom condo which is really just an apartment that you own. The boxes are just about 8x8x5, which is small enough to fit inside an apartment bedroom (but they are supposed to be the experts and should know right?!)

I measured most of our belonging and thought that we may need 3 boxes with a bit of buffer to spare Lesson # 2 – this is the last time I take measurements and I aced my math classes thank.you.very.much. But, go figure, my measurements were quite off. Needless to say it was a surprise when our moving helpers came and knew immediately we would need a fourth pod. The challenges that we had in finding a pod in a location nearby that had a working lift to be able to load the pod onto a trailer was horrible. Between working with multiple individuals in different locations to finally reaching an individual in their OC central office it was hours before we could get a guarantee on what our plans would be in leaving that very night or needed to stay extra days until we could locate a pod that we could reserve that day.

Lesson # 3 – because of the way the U-boxes load, it would have been much more efficient to hire a company with a semi. Four doors, for cases, 2 trailers, 2 round trips. So inefficient. Having the movers trying to tetris all of your belongings into four little boxes was a challenge. Thankfully our moving helpers were up to the task, they were wonderful. They started at 9am and didn’t leave until 8pm. Needless to say I don’t think they made any money off of this job considering the time spent packaging our loads. Unfortunately 4 U-boxes were not enough, we still had to leave 2 bookshelves and thank goodness we decided to leave the washer and dryer otherwise we would have been pretty disappointed that they weren’t coming with us. They are a gas hook up and our new place is electric.

Onwards to delivery… We were supposed to get a guaranteed delivery of 11 days. On day 11 we worked with our moving helpers in our new town only to find out that U-Haul never delivered our pods to the new location hub. Apparently the truck broke down in California and turned around back to their home base. No one bothered calling us! What horrible service. Lesson # 4 – Always call for as status (and if you are the wife, call yourself!). Thankfully for us we had ample supplies here having lived here for a month but the service that we received from U-Haul corporate was just appalling. Purchasing their insurance is pretty worthless and any credit for their delays and errors are pretty slim.

FOUR WEEKS LATER – We were able to get our moving helpers re-booked and finally able to get our items delivered. Offloading only took 4 hours too, so that was nice. It was an easy job for our helpers in our new place as three rooms worth of boxes are being garaged until our floors are redone, so they had it much easier on the back end.

Needless to say, I highly DO NOT recommend using U-Haul for your interstate moving needs. I have left glowing recommendations to our ‘moving helpers’ they made the experience just a little less painful.


Goodbye OC and our perfectly master planned community!

uhaul from

Perfectly Packed!

packed box

Moving helpers need to use their own trucks!

to box 1


Aaaand, we’re done!

uhaul 2 box open


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