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I’d like to remind everyone why an emergency checklist is so important again! Last week I received a call from my father-in-law that my dog got into it with a porcupine (again!). Apparently he didn’t learn the first time. The initial time it happened my FIL was able to get the quills out in one swoop, there were only a few, this time he had many more. He was unable to remove all but four quills before Bear began getting upset. We don’t like our dog being manhandled (my FIL offered to sit on him and just pull them out) so we requested that my FIL take Bear to an emergency animal hospital that was open late at night – it was 8:30pm by that point and since I live in the country it takes forever to get anywhere. Unfortunately we also didn’t know where one was and lost some time trying to find a reputable location.

I met up with my FIL at an animal hospital that was open (10pm by that time) Bear was in good spirits thankfully. He tried hard not to greet me with his face as dogs do and accidentally rub them further into his cheeks. I am grateful his eyes were not damaged also didn’t need to be sedated! If you don’t know much about quills they have a barbed ends that will make their way into the animal, it will end up digging through their face and coming out into their mouth (if at) all and may even cause infection.

I wasn’t able to get a photo of him with his quills, I was too concerned to even think about taking one. But did get a chance to get some of their adorable waiting and exam room. Even if their posters made me weepy.

I would like to give a big thank you to the wonderful staff at Emergency Pet Care in Post Falls, they were so welcoming to us and gentle to Bear. I highly recommend them.

I’m also grateful that I have maintained Bear’s pet insurance, Trupanion. They have reimbursed us quite a bit already for all that my little lemon has been through – his first year was a tough one with medicine allergies and a dog attack as a puppy requiring surgery. I hesitate in cancelling it, I know once I do he’ll get into some trouble!  I took him home with me after this ordeal and he was able to stay with us for a full week of good country fun.


Adorable waiting room at Emergency Pet Care in Post Falls, ID.

waiting room

A Dog’s Wish:

Pets Prayer

A Dog’s Will:

Pet's will

Can you picture a quills sticking out of this adorable face?!?



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