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May 30, 2014 by

My dog is STRONG. He’s a rare breed called an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog. They are plantation dogs bred out of a variety of bulldogs from farmers in the south.

I have bought many different types of leashes. My favorite for the longest time was the Cesar Millan Illusion collar and leash set. Between watching the Dog Whisperer and the three rounds of varying levels of obedience training I know that the best way to control a dog is by leading up high around the neck right under the jawline. Unfortunately the Illusion collar is $50 and I’ve already been through three, this is in addition to the many other leashes that I’ve purchased in his short 3 ½ years with us. We have even purchased a 30 inch leash for tie down training, a 6 inch leash for walking, bungee leashes and martingale collars. I’ve tried it all except for shock or spiked collars which I am not comfortable with doing.

After hundreds of dollars spent on leashes and collars I have found the perfect piece. The Mendota Products Slip Lead, leash and collar in one. At a fraction of the price of what I thought was the best too! This lead is adjustable, easy to slip on and off and has a leather grip which is perfectly comfortable for long walks or when my dog tries to bolt off after a turkey. I will never buy another leash type again!



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