Settling In

May 27, 2014 by

It’s been six weeks since we have been up here permanently and we are settling in just fine…We moved from a condo (which really is just an apartment that you own) to a whole lot of land that requires tending. It’s still something to get used to but at the same time because we’d been planning for years seems very natural. It’s easy to settle in when nature abounds.

Our neighbors have cows.


Most everyone else has horses.

horses 1

horses 2

Deer don’t run away from you as you approach.


And during our morning walks, I have to keep my dog from trying to run after wild turkeys in the road (and also from agitating the cows and horses or getting eaten by coyotes).


People ride their dirt bikes up our road. And the ideal method of transportation to your neighbor’s house is by ATV.

Also we have a neighborhood watch program, sort of. Because we are on a private road if you aren’t driving a familiar car it is very likely you will be stopped by someone wondering where you are headed. Who needs a security system when you have fantastic neighbors that will keep an eye on things for you?


sign 1


sign 2

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