Emergency Checklist – Just moved? Be Prepared!

May 20, 2014 by

We never think that things are going to happen to us. It’s the macho personality, the it will never happen to me mentality but emergencies can happen to anyone so it is so important to be prepared!

Since we have recently moved I wanted to share a few things that are very important to keep handy for everyone in the house no matter what stage of residency you are in. And especially as important if you have just moved and feel that things are a bit in disarray.

These items are so basic yet so important to know and keep handy.

  1. Make sure where you know where the nearest emergency room is – if you think that it will take longer for emergency personnel to arrive to your home than it will take for you to die of a perceived heart attack, you should know where to have someone drive you quickly if you’re coherent enough to ask for help and get a ride.
  2. In case of a non-emergency urgent situation – ensure you know where the nearest Urgent Care center is located. Accidents are never planned!
  3. If you have pets – make sure you know where the nearest 24 hour Animal Hospital is.
  4. Always keep a first aid kit handy.
  5. 5. Have an “oh $hi+ kit” prepared in each vehicle, complete with a solar powered radio, flashlight, and other emergency items, as well as a secondary pack for clothing. Even if you are in the midst of the craziness of moving or unpacking, you never know when you will need to just up and leave. Coming from earthquake prone California, fear of the ‘big one’ is always around the corner – at work, on a hike, at a restaurant. You wouldn’t want to be stranded on the 6th floor in high heels needing to walk a mile somewhere. I lived a mile from Northridge during the 1994 earthquake that people lost their lives in. It was early morning and things got pretty nutty, I could only imagine the chaos if it were mid-day! Everyone began stocking up on earthquake supplies and then promptly forgot about it a few weeks later. People also die getting stuck in a ditch in the winter just a few miles from help. I’m preparing for that now too, having already been stuck in a ditch in the snow my FIRST time driving in the snow! Living in the country, you need to be prepared. Guess what, living in the city you need to be prepared, too. Grocery stores aren’t stocked by wizards.
  6. Keep your cell phone batteries charged and gas in your car. Power can go out at any time, this makes people panicky. And on that note, have a quick hard copy list of emergency contacts and agree with your family on someone to call in case of an emergency that you are unable to reach each other.
  7. Have a supply of water available. As my FIL and my City Planning professor would say, Water is King.
  8. And thank you for keeping calm.

So, what brought this post about? A week into our move I proceeded to slice my thumb with a serrated knife – clearly my Home Ec Kitchen 101 skills have gone down the tube – as I was slicing a block of cheese. Yes, cheese. I love cheese and this time my love for cheese was nearly going to cost me a digit.

It is a fine line for me between clumsy and careless, this was definitely the latter. My husband was working outside and I hollered for him – you know pretty quickly when someone is in need of help. I also knew immediately that I needed stiches. I have never had anything broken or never needed to be rushed into any emergency or urgent situation in-my-life. He was able to find the hydrogen peroxide to clean my wound, but as our first aid kits were in transit, we needed to pull the first aid kit from the car. Thank goodness for his quick thinking, especially since only one of the cars had a first aid kit!

I nearly fainted for the first time in my life during the cleaning process. I love hospital shows and operations but you really don’t know how you will react to things until it happens to you! I was insistent on going to an urgent care, there is no way I was going to pay an emergency room co-pay for stitches. Four stitches later and one more near fainting spell in urgent care we were able to go home. Easter brunch was cancelled, I had to freeze my lamb roast and had to shower with dish washing gloves on for 2 ½ weeks. Thankfully it has been healing well. You can hardly tell there was any issue at all! But, a definite reminder to all – make sure you know your emergency locations. It could save your life!


I won’t gross you out by showing the actual sutures, but they did a really great job bandaging it up!  Thank you to the Rockwood Clinic for a wonderful urgent care experience!

stitches bandaged

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